No battle plan survives engagement with the enemy  Napoleon

Success in campaigning does not come from having one tactic. Every campaign has different dynamics. Every opponent’s responses are unpredictable.

In a fast moving campaign we seek to be several steps ahead of the other side – always preparing new surprises.
Equally all clients are unique – some want privacy, others want to publicly lead a campaign.
These factors lead to a need for great flexibility between a range of tactics.  Some tactics we borrow, others are our own inventions.

100 Word Emails

This was first used in our successful campaign to persuade MEPs to vote against the European Commission’s proposals on e-cigarettes.  The subject line for each email starts with “100 Words on…”  This promise of brevity encourages busy decision makers to open the emails which are pithily expressed messages of exactly 100 Words.

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You Forgot The Birds

This campaign was created as a rallying point for critics of the RSPB and highlights Sir Ian Botham’s criticism of the charity.  The media sees YFTB as a key voice in the debate over bird conservation and no longer uncritically accepts the RSPB’s perspective.


You Forgot The Donors

This site contributes to the intense debate around Britain’s charities with a forensic analysis of how excessive fundraising costs often result in very little being spent on those who are supposed to benefit.   It also provides a vision for how the sector’s structure can become more responsive.

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This beta website is a response to the rising tide of junk science that pollutes policy making.  Far too much low quality science is being reported by the media as if it was authoritative. Rbutt will enable panels of world leading scientists to write short critiques of forthcoming academic papers and then automatically send them to relevant journalists and policy makers.

Larger lobbying firms struggle to respond quickly.  Sometimes they don’t have the range of skills. In others their size makes coordination difficult.  That’s why Abzed employs a small number of multi-skilled individuals with experience of operating at a high level in politics and media.