Abzed PR
Abzed gets strong coverage because we understand what the media needs. Having spent many years inside newsrooms, we know what a story looks like and the standards of evidence top journalists demand, before they put their reputations on the line.

We provide them with stories exposing hypocrisy by cabinet ministers, corporates and charities. Some are based on regulators making decisions on matters which we suggested they should investigate. In addition, we are regularly given leaked information to place in the media. And we frequently create stories by organising co-signed letters from politicians and scientists.

Whatever the spark for the story, we are meticulous in our research. This means that journalists need to spend much less time verifying the details. That ease means the difference between getting a big media splash instead of nothing. We never forget that journalists have many choices about what to cover.

Here are examples where we have dramatically exceeded expectations.
NatCon 2023
National Conservatism is an international political movement seeking to influence the direction of centre-right politics. At their 2023 London conference, Abzed helped them get far more coverage than they had received at any of their previous events.
There were hundreds of articles and interviews.
The main broadcasters sent their top presenters including Robert Peston, Andrew Marr and the BBC’s political editor Chris Mason. At one stage, the top three online stories for the left of centre Guardian were devoted to the conference. There was so much coverage that the event was even mentioned in Parliament at Prime Minister’s Questions.
Quitting Government
A former Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Natascha Engel, told us a secret. She was about to resign from her Government role as ‘Shale Gas Commissioner’ as she was unhappy with how it was blocking onshore gas production.
Natascha wanted maximum media coverage. And total secrecy beforehand. It worked. We broke the story late on a Saturday through The Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday.
The story was leading the BBC news bulletins and Natascha had a round of broadcast interviews.
The extent of the coverage was immense ranging from the front-page of The Times...
...to the most well-regarded international media:
The story was aslo extensively reported across all major outlets:
Helping Celebrities
We are delighted to assist well known people with their writing. In particular we are pleased to have helped Ian Botham, Jeremy Clarkson and the Duchess of Rutland get their views across.
Jeremy Clarkson
Lord Botham
Duchess of Rutland